WPHFTA Championship – 14 November 2015

Good Evening All

We are drawing close to our year end championship. There are 3 league shoots left – specifically scheduled to allow everyone an opportunity to qualify for the log and keep our shooting skills honed for the big event!

You need to participate in 6 league shoots (prior to the 14th Nov 2015) to enable you to qualify at WP level, however, anyone can participate on the day. 
There will be medals for WP qualifiers (scored /240 – league scores combined with the 2 shoots on the day) as well as the overall winner of the day (scored /120 points – just the 2 shoots of the day). More information about the event will follow so please keep a lookout for updates.

Below is a list of shotists that have already qualified and those that are still in the running (but need to complete a few more league shoots). For more information please refer to the WP Log to check your status:

WP Log Update – End Sept 2015

Open PCP: League Shoots

Michael Olivier 8

Barry Vivier 8

Torsten Spitzner 5

Gert Very 5

Peter Coop 5

Wynand Vervaart 5

Christo Becker 5

Hennie vd Westerhuizen 4

Francois Du toit 4


Open Springer:

Hendre Hulscher 8

Andrew Taylor 8

Alan Stewart 7

Brett Bothwell 7

Tom Stewart 5

Riaan du Toit 4

Charl van Wyk 4

Moenieb Roberts 3

Rudolf Murray 3


Ladies PCP:

Zelda van Wyk 7

Theresa Nieuwoudt 6

Natasha Nieuwoudt 4

Natasja vd Westhuizen 4

Roxy Buckley 3


Junior PCP:

Dylan Woodbrine U/17 4

Jacques Becker U/13 5

Hanco V’rey U/13 4