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WPHFTA 2015 Championships Results

Congratulations to Michael Olivier, our PCP class champion; Hendre Hulscher, our Springer class champion; Zelda Van Wyk our Ladies class champion; Dylan Woodbrine, our U/17 class champion and Hanco V’rey, our U/13 class champion.

WP CHAMPS 1 WP CHAMPS 2 Day Score Overall Score
Best 6 shoots average %: Average


Champs Day Total /120: WP Champs Total /240
Open PCP:    
Michael Olivier 100 120 59 1 57 1 120 240
Barry Vivier 91.09 109.31 54 0.9152542373 52 0.9122807018 109.6520963426 218.9620963426
Torsten Spitzner 86.15 103.38 48 0.813559322 47 0.8245614035 98.2872435326 201.6672435326
Gert Vrey 94.19 113.03 52 0.8813559322 51 0.8947368421 106.5655664585 219.5955664585
Peter Coop 89.84 107.81 48 0.813559322 49 0.8596491228 100.3925066905 208.2025066905
Wynand Vervaart 90.97 109.17 51 0.8644067797 49 0.8596491228 103.4433541481 212.6133541481
Christo Becker 75.66 90.79 42 0.7118644068 42 0.7368421053 86.9223907226 177.7123907226
Hennie vd Westerhuizen 89.75 107.7 54 0.9152542373 54 0.9473684211 111.7573595004 219.4573595004
Open Springer:    
Hendre Hulscher 97.22 116.66 53 1 48 1 120 236.66
Alan Stewart 93.7 112.44 48 0.9056603774 45 0.9375 110.5896226415 223.0296226415
Brett Bothwell 91.59 109.9 51 0.9622641509 46 0.9583333333 115.2358490566 225.1358490566
Andrew Taylor 97.54 117.04 49 0.9245283019 48 1 115.4716981132 232.5116981132
Charl van Wyk 83.69 100.43 44 0.8301886792 46 0.9583333333 107.3113207547 207.7413207547
Ladies PCP:    
Zelda van Wyk 100 120 48 0.9795918367 48 1 118.7755102041 238.7755102041
Theresa Nieuwoudt 97.71 117.25 49 1 45 0.9375 116.25 233.5
Natasha Nieuwoudt 90.87 109.05 41 0.8367346939 34 0.7083333333 92.7040816327 201.7540816327
Natasja vd Westhuizen 93.93 112.72 45 0.9183673469 47 0.9791666667 113.8520408163 226.5720408163
Junior PCP:    
Dylan Woodbrine U/17 100 120 40 1 33 1 120 240
Jacques Becker U/13 98.08 117.69 33 0.6226415094 37 0.7872340426 84.5925331192 202.2825331192
Hanco V’rey U/13 100 120 53 1 47 1 120 240

WPHFTA Championships 2015

WPHFTA Championships 2015

Venue: Kraaifontein Sports Shooting Club
Date: Saturday, 14th November 2015
Cost: KSSC Members R50
Non Members R100 (including hamburger & cool drink for lunch)
Registration: 09h00 – 09h30 in the club house (no registrations will take place after 09h30 – no participation if you have not registered)
Briefing: 10h00

Ear & Eye protection is compulsory. Ear plugs can be obtained for R10.00 at the Kiosk. Sunglasses / prescription glasses will be acceptable.

Participants are welcome to bring meat to braai afterwards or obtain a braai pack from the kiosk for R50.

Atlantic Airgun Club

I would like to take this opportunity to inform all the loyal AAC members of my plans to suspend all formal events under the AAC banner.

This does not mean that AAC will never host shoots again.

During the course of the year several things have changed, I took a new job, increase in range fees at the venue etc.

I had a long chat with a gentleman that has been involved in shooting and hosting shoots for a very long time.

The idea was to join forces with Kraaifontein club and build something solid from there, I feel that at present we were spread to thin and I was not doing the AAC name any justice.
He agreed with me that “moth balling” the club in the interim, and joining up with a well established club with infrastructure and facilities was not necessarily a bad idea in the long run.
I approached the Kraaifontein committee and they were more than willing to host the remaining shoots for the year, the log and everything else will remain as is[/B].

I hope everyone understands this decision and supports me and the members of KSSC in building something big.

Last but not least, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE that helped me during the course of this year, I would prefer not to name every single person as I am pretty sure I`m going to miss someone


WPHFTA Championship – 14 November 2015

Good Evening All

We are drawing close to our year end championship. There are 3 league shoots left – specifically scheduled to allow everyone an opportunity to qualify for the log and keep our shooting skills honed for the big event!

You need to participate in 6 league shoots (prior to the 14th Nov 2015) to enable you to qualify at WP level, however, anyone can participate on the day. 
There will be medals for WP qualifiers (scored /240 – league scores combined with the 2 shoots on the day) as well as the overall winner of the day (scored /120 points – just the 2 shoots of the day). More information about the event will follow so please keep a lookout for updates.

Below is a list of shotists that have already qualified and those that are still in the running (but need to complete a few more league shoots). For more information please refer to the WP Log to check your status:

WP Log Update – End Sept 2015

Open PCP: League Shoots

Michael Olivier 8

Barry Vivier 8

Torsten Spitzner 5

Gert Very 5

Peter Coop 5

Wynand Vervaart 5

Christo Becker 5

Hennie vd Westerhuizen 4

Francois Du toit 4


Open Springer:

Hendre Hulscher 8

Andrew Taylor 8

Alan Stewart 7

Brett Bothwell 7

Tom Stewart 5

Riaan du Toit 4

Charl van Wyk 4

Moenieb Roberts 3

Rudolf Murray 3


Ladies PCP:

Zelda van Wyk 7

Theresa Nieuwoudt 6

Natasha Nieuwoudt 4

Natasja vd Westhuizen 4

Roxy Buckley 3


Junior PCP:

Dylan Woodbrine U/17 4

Jacques Becker U/13 5

Hanco V’rey U/13 4

Attention: Western Cape HFT enthusiasts

Attention: Western Cape HFT enthusiasts

The Elcaprisco committee has decided, after much deliberation and thought, to dissolve the club and members will be absorbed into the Kraaifontein Shooting Club.
This decision was made for numerous reasons, including a lack of adequate facilities and funds to properly operate the club. The absorption into Kraaifontein Shooting Club makes financial and logistical sense and gives HFT shooters access to proper shooting range and club house facilities. This will also allow for growth of the sport in the Western Cape. (Informal and fun shoots can still be hosted at other locations.)

We hope you share our excitement with the new move.
Please feel free to contact us should you have any concerns or questions.

Wynand Vervaart (Chairperson) 0728036948
Francois du Toit (Vice-Chairperson) 0834730786

WPHFTA 2014 Championships

To all our sponsors of the Western Province Hunter Field Target 2014 Championships Event.

We would like to thank all our sponsors for supporting the event held on the 6th December 2014 at our Bottelary Road Range. The event was a huge success, with the Western Cape summer heat and unpredictable wind that made it very challenging for all competitors alike.

We appreciate your patronage immensely and would like to continue this relationship in the future.

We the committee of the Western Province Hunter Field Target Association would like to wish all our sponsors a very festive season and a very happy and prosperous 2015.

Kind regards,
The Western Province Hunter Field Target Association.



Safari and Outdoor
Safari & Outdoor

City Guns
City Guns

Suburban Guns
Suburban Guns

Tyger Burger

Rudolph Optics
Rudolph Optics

And also a special thank you to the committee members that went beyond the call of duty to make this year’s event a success.

Bon Voyage Michael and Darryl

From the entire HFT fraternity in South Africa we wish Michael Olivier and Darryl Meyer all the best for participating in the 2014 HFT World Championships held in Britain later this April!
You go guys and make South Africa proud.